Tokyo, 18th January 2016, Ebisu University Hospital.

Outside, the snow is falling, which is relatively seldom in Tokyo. I’m sitting on a small sofa in a hospital private room and lying approximately one meter away from me, is you, dear Pat, dear friend and during my earlier life as a musician, a great ‘band buddy’. Thanks to you I discovered, among other things, the wonderful world of electronic keyboards and instruments.

The doctors have only given you a few days to live. I am very grateful therefore, that I am able to accompany you on your final journey from this side of consciousness and perhaps be of some sort of support and assistance.

Your breathing is almost regular and you appear to be in some kind of deep sleep, at least it seems to be so. You then glance over briefly at me, you recognize me and then you utter a few indistinct words in Swiss German through a half open mouth. Soon you disappear again in a world we know nothing or very little of. A small dose of Morphine also does its job. It fills me with courage and strength in the hope that despite your now unconscious state, you remembered our words and our brief interaction.

I arrived here in Tokyo at short notice yesterday to join you and wave you along on your way out from our worldly existence. I wanted to be there for your last breaths, dear Pat. Maybe I can also be of some comfort to Hiroshi, who must be going through the most terrible time, especially considering you were his anchor and you were central to his life. I’ve rarely met anybody who so loved and cared so much for another as he so loved and cared for you. .. till the very last moment. What a gift. I wish you from deep here in my heart that you will rest in peace and I am equally convinced that your journey has not ended, but has continued and you now tread on new land that is unknown to us.

My rebirth: Like a Phoenix from the ashes





Once again, it has been made perfectly clear to me: “Life’s what you make it”. Live now, decide now, act now, don’t hesitate too long and simply do the things that are important for you. Time passes so quickly and we really don’t know how much of this precious time we have at our disposal. We are not immortal. We are finite beings. Why should it take another situation like this for me to acknowledge that and not before? Even when I try as hard as possible to live my life around these principles, I still find just causes not to finish important things.

Of course, we all have our commitments and in most cases there’s the question of financial possibilities. Nevertheless, we can’t take anything with us when we go and at best, we will leave “tracks” behind us. This might help: Try not to horde, accumulate or protect too much, instead be a little foolhardy and reckless now and then. What could possibly go wrong? We will all be leaving at some point and meeting up with destiny and demise. It’s not as if we have a choice in the matter. The only choice, if there is one, is to take a short-cut.

I have all the notes I have kept these past years here with me in my luggage and I write daily at your bedside reaching further and deeper into my musical and general past. These tracks go way back. Also to you.

Pat and I: A long music way together

I owe this fine man a great deal. He was, for many years, one of the most important companions in my life, both as friend and musician. We spent a lot of time together, almost daily, over many years in as well as out of the Rehearsal Room and Recording Studios respectively. He was a true friend and music comrade. He was in fact the first and, for a long time, the only one who actually believed and had faith in my talent. It was thanks to him, that I later developed my own recording methods alone using electronic instruments, digital tape and later combining it with computer to create new and original tracks of my own. Not to mention the bass and guitar. That’s why I dedicated my first album to him back in 1987. Even though there were thousands of kilometres that separated us: we simply knew what it was that bound us together.

So during these days in Tokyo on the bed of his „Last Earthly Journey”, I decided, because he kept telling me years ago time and again, to write down the most important moments of my life, to put them in a book and to publish my years of extensive musical works, my life project.

Today, I can say this from my heart:

“Dear Pat, how many times, in those last few years during your visits to Switzerland on our daily car adventures, or cosy evenings in those beautiful, tiny Alpine guest houses, or even in wonderful Lucerne, did we discuss mine and our ideas, and I would play old and new music to you? How often did we share our dreams and sometimes even dive into those dreams in living colour? How often did I tell you about the near disasters, the new attempts, the work process and finally the finishing? You always encouraged me and you let me know that this was exactly the road I had to follow, even if my surroundings, or the environment around me couldn’t, or wouldn’t accept what I was doing, or didn’t understand what I was about, or when I simply didn’t feel like carrying on, or felt I seriously couldn’t continue anymore. Anyway, coming across you left deep tracks in my life. Thank you so much, dear Pat, for everything,  for the encouragement you gave me, for listening to me and for taking me seriously. Thank you for your faith and support and for every precious thing I learned from you as a human being, especially generosity, charity, family and how to interact with other people.

I promised you that the time for making allowances for the interests of others is finally over, and I will begin to concentrate on myself now. Having looked at all aspects, it seems the one who has done all the work and has to pick up the reins is ME. Even though I am not, nor ever was, one looking for the spotlight, but there somehow seems to be no getting around it. There aren’t any concerts, tv or other huge promotion possibilities. After many years of countless meetings and endless conversations with several record companies that led to nowhere, I finally decided to release EMANSWORLD and take it around the globe under my own private little label. The time is ripe for me to bring out into the sunlight my mostly done by night Audio, Video (also done by day) and written works. My 3 albums, from the years between 1989 through to 1999 which will be labelled as the trilogy EMANSWORLD will be released within the next few months.

The story, in particular details on why it took 20 years until completion, and much more can be found in the next few months under the title headed  “TRACKS”. Also read into stories of my “Music-World”, which bonds together with my life and my work.


Pat took his last breath on the 28th January, 2016 at 20.55. In the background, “Let It Be” was playing, which was his favourite song from the Beatles.

Rest in peace, dear Pat. .. and save me a place near you, like in the old days, so I can tell you all the details of how my story finally turned out, ok?