Who is Manfred Ehlert?

Manfred Ehlert

The musician/producer

Manfred Ehlert was born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland. Music always stood at the centre of his life and for more than 30 years he’s been serving his great love and passion, not only as a musician, producer and project-manager for his several music projects, but also as manager in various roles, previously 14 years with Koch Records and for the past 16 years at “Universal Music”.

Manfred Ehlert started his «musical career» around 1976 in Lucerne’s music scene. He had the opportunity as well as the aptitude to become a star as a musician. However, on his way there he realized that his calling was a slightly different one. For many years now he’s been going his own way campaigning predominantly for other people & artists.

During the past 3 years certain incidences have encouraged and motivated him to complete his «lifetime achievement», as he himself calls it, and to conclude that part of his life, which advanced, inspired but also hindered him for almost 30 years.

Discover his ElectroPopRock music studioproject „EMANSWORLD“ with the amazing vocals of Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion) and Marc Storace (Krokus, Tea) and the exciting story of the projectman, composer, writer, producer, musician Ehlert MANfred.

Not just to have ideas, but to achieve them consequently.

The business man

Manfred Ehlert is working in Switzerland from 1.9.1988 to 2002 for Koch Records and since then in a managerial position at the world’s leading music company “Univeral Music“ in various functions.

He was and still is working in in the field of product-, marketing- and promotion management with:

Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer, Semino Rossi, Dr Eidgenoss, Beatrice Egli, Kunz, Trauffer,DJ Ötzi, Peter Reber, Span, Piero Esteriore, Michelle, Sandee, Shakra, Santiano, Claudia Jung, Michelle, Santiano, Oesch’s die Dritten, Kelly Family, Francine Jordi, Maite Kelly, Paul Etterlin, Nockalm Quintett, Kastelruther Spatzen, Peach Weber, Dechen Shak Dagsay, Span, Angelo Kelly & Family, Ben Zucker and many others.

It’s all about the matter, not about the personal ego satisfaction.

HISTORY as a musician

Played in several regional bands around the CH-scene. The most important band until 1982: “New Age”.

1985 First TV performances on Swiss TV under the name of Manfred Ehlert
1986/87 Release LP, MC & CD „The Mood Of The Moment” as singer under the pseudonym „Tomes Beluga“
1988 5 Songs “The Rick Laine” Studio Demo-Session
1989 Recording Session with Glenn Hughes (3 songs)
1990 CD-Single: Project “BASS TO SPACE” (Electro Trance Project)
1992 Release CD-Single: „Tomes Beluga“: “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”
1992 Rrecording session with Marc Storace
1994 Release CD: “Manfred Ehlert’s AMEN” feat. Glenn Hughes & Marc Storace
1996 Release CD-Single: “AMEN – The Magic of K1”, official Andy K1 Fight Night Song
1996 Release CD: “AMEN” Aguilar feat. Marc Storace
1998/99 Recordings: “Emansworld “: The Pilatus Experience” 14 Tracks
2001 Release: CD-Single “Manfred Ehlert”: „S’tued nömme weh“
2001 Release: CD-Single “Manfred Ehlert”:  “7Siech”
2002 Release: CD “Manfred Ehlert”:  „Hey Duu “
2017-2019 EMANSWORLD: Triology 1989 – 1999
EMANSWORLD Album “Amen” (Re-Release 1994 remastered and first time digital release)
EMANSWORLD Album “Amen Aguila” (Re-Release Album 1996 remastered and first time digital release)
EMANSWORLD Album “The Pilatus Experience¨