“EMANSWORLD”, formally known as “Manfred Ehlert’s AMEN”, is the sophisticated ElectRock music project as well as creative platform of project man, producer, musician & writer Ehlert MANfred.

Welcome to this world of music, pictures & thoughts.

Early 80s. Retreating to the depths of lonely rehearsal rooms and mental – later also digital – worlds. Drum computer, recording machines, synthesizers, guitars, vocals. From bassist and band musician to project man.

The Trilogy «The Studio Recordings 1989-’99»

The with the extraordinary voices of Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Country Communion) and Marc Storace (Krokus, Tea) under the name “Manfred Ehlert’s Amen” and “Amen Aguilar” in 1994 & 1996 released music is now with the new name “EMANSWORLD” also digitally available for the first time!

The music was recorded between 1989 and 1999 besides a full-time job and a lot of night shifts. The completely unpublished records from the album “The Pilatus Experience” were completed only in 2014. Furthermore presented will be different blogs with diverse topics.

“EMANSWORLD” shall excite, inspire, delight and encourage to follow your own ways and perceptions. Life is taking place right now, we are setting the limits, at least from a musical point of view.

“Don’t wait for the day that you are the best, but make the best you can every day”

Digitally for the first time!

Digitally for the first time!

The Pilatus Experience