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Learned & inspired by life, love, nature

and YOU

From the project name "Emansworld" back

to the original.

Discover the RopRock studio project "Manfred Ehlert's Amen" with the singers Glenn Hughes, Marc Storace and Rick Laine, Manfred’s personal album in his mother tongue "Hey Duu..." as well as his exciting story as a person, musician/producer and manager.

Who is Manfred Ehlert?


Earth citizen, explorer, advanced apprentice of life. Interested in life, nature, exciting people, music, philosophy. Early in his youth he discovered the fascinating world of music.


Whether on, next to, in front of, behind or under the stage of the show and life: He has been going his own way for years and is committed to other people & artists, as a musician, composer & producer for his various music projects, in various functions for the music company "Universal Music" and above all as a person.












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Written in June 2020

The reason why I give here insight into my thoughts and tell anecdotes or little stories, which maybe one day will be summarized and completed in a book, all this with my own words and without ghostwriter: They should encourage, inspire, show the view behind the scenes, also include "philosophical", "thoughts", "anecdotes". There is also various picture material. I have long considered whether I should also write about all the egomaniacs, hypocrites, pompous people, schemers and "over dead bodies walking alpha animals" that I have come across in the music business...


A moving experience (excerpt from the book Traces) Tokyo 2016

It's snowing outside, which is relatively rare in Tokyo in this intensity. I am sitting on a small sofa in a single room and less than a meter away from me you prefer Pat, dear friend and in my previous musician life, great band mate. Thanks to you, I discovered the world of electronic keyboard instruments, among other things.


The doctors gave you a few more days to live. I am very grateful that I can accompany you on this last path on this side of our consciousness and that I may be a little support for you.


Traces!!! Do you lay your own or do you follow existing ones?

Traces accompany us throughout life.

We see and hear them, left behind in the sand, snow, life, in souls, on the floor, bodies, tapes, data carriers, mattresses, on the Internet. Traces are set, laid, recorded, blurred, eliminated, dubbed, changed.


Traces can fade, become invisible, repressed, forgotten, remain in memory. There are traces of joy, feelings, impressions, pain, hope, anger. Traces convey an image, lead to the chosen, wanted, bereaved, and victims.




Thank you so much!