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About Emansworld (Originals & Remixe)

Under the project name "Emansworld", music from the 80s&90s as well as new music and remixes that I have recorded and produced alone or together with various musicians will be released over the next few months. 


The musical spectrum of Emansworld is versatile: Changes makes the difference.changes make the difference.

NEWS - Collaboration with the artist ANISSA DAMALI

After many years of concentrating on the business side of the music business, I decided to collaborate with this versatile and polyglot artist with Ticino and Algerian roots, who lives in Basel/Switzerland. This as co-composer/composer, musician and producer.


Why? Because it brings JOY! 


Over the next few months, a lot of new music will be released and performed live under her name.

Here is the first 2024 Emansworld remix!

Anissa Damali_Take a break_Indian Gospel Version.jpg
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Take a Break - Indian Gospel Version (2024)

The original song was released in 2022: A great and essential homage to the BREAK, to live the moment to the fullest and to understand life despite difficult ups and downs ...Life in all it's facets...

This "Indian Gospel Version" was created in collaboration with the musician Beni Mosele and the mix master Lou Zarra.

Further information about the artist and her music:

Anissa Damali

Take a break
(Indian Gospel Version)

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