Manfred Ehlert

Born in Lucerne, Switzerland. He immersed himself early in the fascinating world of music and in the mid-1970s discovered instruments like guitar, bass, voice and since the early 80s electronic instruments, tape machines and computers. Realized in time: Don't compare too hard and don't wait until you are perfect.


Listen deep inside yourself and listen to yourself, make the best of the available possibilities and above all: Trust yourself and do not let yourself be unsettled. Neither life nor music is a competition. There is no "the best". Find your personal expression and faith.


Learn a lot and be thankful and humble towards life and its manifold possibilities. Never forget: You do not know how much lifetime is at your disposal.

Various personal events related to the finality of our existence have encouraged and motivated him to come to terms with his musical past and bring it to an end as best he can, both as his musical legacy and to make room for something new. This is also the main reason why he changed the name of EMANSWORLD back to the original "Manfred Ehlert's Amen". More details about this elsewhere.

Great honour: In 2016 Glenn Hughes was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Deep Purple. I am very happy for this incredibly talented musician.

You can also discover the very personal album "Hey Duu..." sung by him in his mother tongue. 






The business man:

Manfred Ehlert worked for Koch Records from 1.9.1988 to the beginning of 2002 and since then in Switzerland in various areas of responsibility for the world's leading music group "Universal Music" for artists such as:

Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer, Semino Rossi, Dr Eidgenoss, Beatrice Egli, Kunz, Trauffer, DJ Ötzi, Peter Reber, Span, Piero Esteriore, Michelle, Sandee, Shakra, Santiano, Claudia Jung, Michelle, Santiano, Oesch’s die Dritten, Kelly Family, Francine Jordi, Maite Kelly, Paul Etterlin, Nockalm Quintett, Kastelruther Spatzen, Peach Weber, Dechen Shak Dagsay, Span, Angelo Kelly & Family, Ben Zucker and many others.

History as a musician:

Played in various regional bands in the CH scene. Most important volume until 1982: NEW AGE.


First TV appearance on Swiss TV under the name Manfred Ehlert


Relese LP, MC / CD “Tomes Beluga”: “The Mood Of The Moment”


Recording session with Rick Laine (5 songs)


Vocal recording Glenn Hughes 3 songs


CD single: Project “BASS TO SPACE” (Electro Trance Project)


CD single: "Tomes Beluga": "Everybody's got to learn sometime"


Vocal recording Marc Storace 6 songs


CD: “Manfred Ehlert's AMEN” feat. Glenn Hughes & Marc Storace


CD single: AMEN “The Magic of K1”, official Andy Hug K1 fight night song


CD release: “AMEN” Aguilar feat. Marc Storace


Recordings with Glenn Hughes: The Pilatus Experience ”14 songs


CD single: “Manfred Ehlert”: “S'tued nömme weh”


CD single “Manfred Ehlert”: “7Siech”



CD-Release: “Manfred Ehlert”:  „Hey Duu “



Revision, completion incl. mix and mastering of "Ehlert/Hughes – The Pilatus Experience



EMANSWORLD “Amen” (Master 1994, first time digital)

EMANSWORLD “Aguila” (Master 1996, first time digital)



Manfred Ehlert’s Amen “Amen” (digital Re-Release Album 1994)

Manfred Ehlert’s Amen “Aguila” (digital Re-Release Album 1996)

Manfred Ehlert’s Amen «The Rick Laine Session ’88»  (first time digital )

Manfred Ehlert «Hey Duu…» (first time digital)

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